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The following Iron Wind Metals BattleTech miniatures will be available on or about the week of April 2nd, 2012…

10-052 BattleForce-scale Inner Sphere Lance Pack 1 (4 BattleMechs): $16.95
(Fafnir, Hunchback, Wolfhound, Barghest)

10-053 BattleForce-scale Clan Star Pack 1 [5 OmniMechs]: $20.95
(Daishi, Thor, Dasher, Mad Cat, Shadow Cat)

20-5025 Mad Cat IV (Savage Wolf) [Dark Age Era / 75 Ton]: $14.95

20-5033 Woodsman BattleMech [Era Digest: Golden Century / 75 ton]: $14.50

20-5035 Wolfhound WLF-2H BattleMech [Technical Readout: Prototypes Supplemental / 35 ton]: $10.35