Following the successful release of Shadowrun dice, Q-workshop now has the license to release BattleTech-related dice.

“There’ve been so many great dice released for BattleTech over the years,” said Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “So when Q-workshop started talking about BattleTech, I immediately had grandiose plans for how to make these sets cooler and more unique than any that have come before. It was a blast co-developing this with their team, but ultimately you’ll let us know if we hit a sweet spot on your gaming table!”

Q-workshop’s BattleTech dice will start with the five Great Houses, specifically oriented towards a 3025 Succession Wars–era setting. Each House pack comes with two faction dice, as well as 3 famous Combat Commands for each Great House, and finally a mercenary outfit most connected with that House for this Era.

BattleTech. The name says it all,” said Mateusz Kaluzny, Custom Dice and License Manager for Q-workshop. “After the successful release of the Shadowrun dice, we could not resist the power of MechWarriors, so we proceeded into the Inner Sphere. Not only is there a great BattleTech community, but we love the universe as well. It was clear we simply had to make these dice.”

Look to and in the future for more details on these upcoming dice sets!

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