Some big fiction announcements today for all those who love mercenaries, with a new print-on-demand anthology now available, and a new series coming soon featuring the return of a fan-favorite unit.

The Mercenary Life
A BattleTech Anthology by Randall N. Bills

E-Pub: $3.99
Print-on-Demand: $11.95


Nikolai Reed is a trader on a Lyran JumpShip plying the space lanes…

Chloe Mason is a hot-shot tech with the Hsien Hotheads mercenaries…

Leaving the Northwind Highlanders, MechWarrior Ryana Nikol fills a billet with the Eridani Light Horse…

Disparate lives, but a unified dream that will bring them all together on a fateful course that will span decades, cover hundreds of light years, and involve love, friendship, and loss across a dozen worlds. Each will pay a price along the way, as a cost always comes due.

The Mercenary Life anthology is a compilation of stories written by Randall N. Bills. Including tales from several different characters as they cross paths, and the dream to found a new mercenary command is born. Their unique lives showcase the struggles and trials of the men and women who take up the mercenary mantle from a variety of angles, all bound around that central vision.

The first eight stories of this anthology were originally posted for free alongside the release of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, acting as the origin stories for the mercenary command within that computer game. This is the first time they have been compiled into a single volume to allow for a Print on Demand physical copy.

Additionally, an all-new ninth story has been added—The Sun Will Rise—along with postscripts for every story that gives the reader insight into how stories are crafted within a shared universe between tabletop, computer games, and fiction that spans more than thirty years and tens of millions of words.

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Coming Soon: The Eridani Light Horse Return!

Explore the mercenary life further at this all-new web experience, announcing more exciting up-coming fiction focused on the Inner Sphere’s most popular sellswords.

Coming later this month, one of the most beloved units in BattleTech history returns in The Eridani Light Horse Chronicles, a ten-part series exploring untold stories of the Light Horse, from their roots in the Star League Defense Force to their destruction and rebirth in the Dark Age.

Also available now is the print-on-demand return of The Ruins of Power by Robert E. Vardeman, the third novel in the Dark Age series.

The Ruins of Power
A Dark Age novel by Robert E. Vardeman
E-pub: $4.99
Print-on-Demand: $13.95


The destruction of the interplanetary communications net has isolated planets across the Republic of the Sphere. On Mirach, a widening schism in the military between those who would remain loyal to The Republic and those who would break away threatens the peace and prosperity that have lasted for generations.

Once a formidable MechWarrior, governor Sergio Ortega now believes that diplomacy will win the day. His sons, Dale and Austin, are also stalwarts of The Republic and aspiring MechWarriors. Facing growing civil unrest, they urge a military show of force before events spiral out of control. But Mirach has no BattleMechs, and their pacifistic father is slashing military spending.

But when power-hungry forces within the government begin plotting to overthrow it by any means necessary—including assassination—Austin must rebel against everything he’s known to fight for the safety and freedom of Mirach…even if that means facing off against his own father…

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