The audiobook for “Mercenary’s Star,” Book 2 of the Gray Death Legion Saga, is now available through Audible/Amazon.

Backs against the wall…
Galatea. The Mercenary’s Star. Even the most down on their luck units can find work here. Leading the newly-formed Gray Death Legion has been challenging for Grayson Death Carlyle, so when a job comes their way, he’s only too happy to take it. The mission: train the local resistance on the planet Verthandi to resist their Draconis Combine masters.

Free Record Sheets!

Also newly available is a free, downloadable collection of Record Sheets from units found in Wave One of the Clan Invasion Kickstarter.

Included in the 98-page booklet are sample record sheets for the following products: A Game of Armored Combat Box Set, Beginner Box Set, Clan Invasion Box Set, Clan Command Star, Clan Heavy Striker Star, Clan Elemental Star, Inner Sphere Command Lance, Inner Sphere Battle Lance, Legendary MechWarrior Pack, Salvage Box: UrbanMech.

Each record sheet features fully updated art from the Kickstarter campaign. Please note that this record sheet collection is not an exhaustive compilation of all variants for each ‘Mech, but is intended to provide players with a starting point for their Clan Invasion games. (And, it’s free!)

Also, the Record Sheet for the Thunder Stallion 4 from Shrapnel #3 is now available as a free download at

AMA: Hour of the Wolf Details

The first in a series of upcoming AMA sessions is scheduled for next Saturday, February 20, at 2 p.m. EST (GMT -5:00). This first session will dive deep into the epic novel Hour of the Wolf, and its accompanying run-up novellas.

The AMA is happening on YouTube at: You can visit the page now to set a reminder for yourself of the date and time.

Joining the discussion will be:

  • Blaine Lee Pardoe, author, Hour of the Wolf
  • John Helfers, Executive Editor, Catalyst Game Labs
  • Brent Evans, Art Director and former BattleTech Line Developer, Catalyst Game Labs
  • Philip A. Lee, editor, Hour of the Wolf

Don’t miss this rare behind-the-scenes conversation!

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