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Redemption Rites

BattleTech novel by Jason Schmetzer
E-publication: $6.99
Print-on-Demand: Coming Soon!

In 3151 four-fifths of Wolf’s Dragoons listened to the honeyed words of Marotta Kerensky and followed Alaric Ward to Terra. There, they helped him destroy the Republic of the Sphere and establish the ilClan. Most of them died doing it. The remainder are injured, shell-shocked—and, finally, insulted by Alaric Ward’s payment of thirty pieces of silver.

In one leering gesture, Alaric Ward did what no other enemy had ever done. He broke Wolf’s Dragoons. The decimated survivors were allowed to limp off of Terra to rendezvous with their remnant who never set foot on the birthworld.

The emergency rendezvous is Savannah, in the Free Worlds League. Two striker battalions, the Tarantulas and the Wolfsbane, were the only Dragoons spared the debacle on Terra. Colonel Hack Kincaid, senior striker officer, is waiting when the Dragoons convoy appears. The DropShips are full of wrecked machines, but their personnel berths are empty.

Kincaid is a man of reputation in the Dragoons. His word carries weight. And he hasn’t been tarnished by Terra. Three regiments and one of his irreplaceable striker battalions have been ground to dust. His people are mourning, defeated, and rudderless. They look to him for leadership, for answers. They need a purpose.

Kincaid’s purpose is revenge.

E-publication: https://books2read.com/BattleTechRedemptionRites

Print on Demand: Coming soon!

Alien Worlds BattleMats and Neoprene Restock!

New today in the Catalyst Game Labs web store are the four BattleMats featuring the battlefields from Map Pack: Alien Worlds now in neoprene glory, with the battlefields of Map Pack: Desert on the reverse:

  • Lunar Base / Sand Drift
  • Fungal Crevasse / Washout
  • Caustic Valley / Mine
  • Crystalline Canyon / Badlands

We’ve also received a massive restock of all previously offered neoprene BattleMats, including:

  • All five Map Pack: Grasslands BattleMats, including Tundra
  • All four Map Pack: Tukayyid BattleMats
  • The Strana Mechty BattleMat
  • The hexless Alpha Strike Alpine / Lunar mat
  • The Aerospace BattleMat
  • The gigantic Desert / Grasslands MegaMat

Shop our full selection of BattleMats in the Catalyst Game Labs web store!

PsuedoTech: Arcade Operations – Now in Print!

PDF: $2.99
Print on Demand: $19.99

Ready Warrior One!

So, you call yourself an “Elite MechWarrior,” huh? What’s your top score in Grand ’Mech Melee, huh? Your longest chain in Tankertris? Have you ever beaten the Stinger Challenge? Where’s your Legendary Duelist medal? Bet you can’t even complete a single wave of Droneroids on your first life without a Shield buff! Go back to your Maraudero Party games, you noob!

Just because there’s a war on and you’re driving fifty-five tons of high-tech armor and weaponry in a giant, walking avatar of death doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun, does it? Of course not! PseudoTech: Arcade Operations presents ways to spice up your BattleTech games in a manner that will amuse even the grimmest and most jaded of veterans. From power-ups that can offer your ride anything from instant death to temporary invincibility, to medal-worthy challenges beyond the humdrum monotony of win-or-die missions, show the Inner Sphere what you’ve got in nearly a dozen new scenario types—all presented in bright, colorful, holographic splendor, right on your very own tabletops! Special rules provide the classic arcade flavor your battles have been missing ever since you left the academy for the front lines, with bold new battle ribbons to be earned as you build a new kind of legendary status as king of your local military entertainment center!

Oh, and be sure to load up on extra tokens. The competition looks pretty fierce out there!

Catalyst Game Labs web store: https://store.catalystgamelabs.com/products/pseudotech-arcade-operations
DriveThruRPG PDF and POD: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/392022/PseudoTech-Arcade-Operations