At long last, we’re rounding out the products tying into Operational Turning Points: Hanseatic Crusade over the next few weeks, starting with Spotlight On: Schmidt’s Petraries, focusing on the brave defenders of the Hanseatic League!

Coming next week: Touring the Stars: Granada!

Spotlight On: Schmidt’s Petraries
Price: $3.99 (PDF Only)

Captain-Marshal Rudolf Schmidt took command of the Hanseatic Defense Force at a critical juncture. The nearby Scorpion Empire posed an existential threat to the Hanseatic League. While reorganizing the HDF, he recognized a crucial need for an elite company to inspire the troops. Thus was born Schmidt’s Petraries, the HDF’s overall command company and home to the best of the best. Intense training with their comrades was far different from the trial by fire that the Petraries faced when the Scorpion Empire finally invaded. The Petraries rose to the occasion, defying the fearsome invaders and inspiring a nation with their deeds.

Spotlight On: Schmidt’s Petraries includes a Unit History, Personalities, Personnel Rosters, Mission Tracks, and data for use with all scales of BattleTech play.

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