Like many in the extended online BattleTech community, we at Catalyst Game Labs were surprised today by the decision of a prominent member of that community to re-brand their online presence as a general science fiction discussion rather than BattleTech alone.

This decision appears to have stemmed from a meeting Wednesday night between that community member, David Anthony Vivas, and BattleTech Line Developer Ray Arrastia. The meeting was one in a series of dialogues we have had and will continue to have across prominent BattleTech communities. 

These discussions came after Catalyst Game Labs was contacted by the BattleTech license holder regarding potential violations of the BattleTech rights and license. While no specific action was demanded by the license holder at that time, Catalyst elected to proactively reach out to individuals in the BattleTech community regarding BattleTech IP rights and license uses.

We took this step as a courtesy to the community to alert them to probable forthcoming issues, and in the hope that Catalyst could work with them to tailor their communities and activities to better fit within the bounds of the BattleTech IP rights and license. 

At no point during conversations with any community members did Ray make any requirement for a comprehensive rebranding or retreat from the BattleTech fan space. Rather, during these meetings, he laid out some suggestions for ways to continue operating and ensure the greater community’s long-term viability in light of the license holder’s concerns. That initial meeting with “Everything BattleTech” was meant to be the first exchange in an ongoing conversation; the subsequent, unilateral rebranding was a surprise to us. 

We wish David the best with his rebranding effort, and remain available and willing to discuss any concerns by those operating communities or fan spaces in the BattleTech online sphere.

The reaction among BattleTech community members today has reminded us of the importance of–and fan appetite for–dedicated spaces online for BattleTech communities. We are currently reviewing Catalyst’s official presence online and always evaluating options to refine and improve it.

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