A few weeks ago, we laid out a full schedule of BattleTech product through this summer and early fall, and promised to update you if plans changed. We’d like to do that now, and let you know that we’ll be moving the release of Technical Readout: Golden Century back a few weeks.

Why the delay? Because we’ll be releasing it in both PDF and print-on-demand format. 

We’ve been asked often over the last few years whether we’ll ever release landscape-format products such as Technical Readouts in print-on-demand format. It’s taken some time, but that capability is now available in a way that works for our products. If the print-on-demand process for Technical Readout: Golden Century proves successful, then other landscape-format products will be released the same way, including the upcoming Technical Readout: Irregulars and possibly even past products, such as the XTRO series. 

We know this delay may come as a disappointment, but we felt it was better to offer print and digital versions of the product at the same time. As a bonus, all POD orders of Technical Readout: Golden Century will come with a free PDF copy of the product (the reverse will not be true; PDF orders will not include a POD copy).

And, we’re pleased to announce that Era Digest: Golden Century will also be available on POD the same day. This essential companion for TRO: Golden Century has never before been available in print. 

We appreciate your patience–this book has been awhile in the making, but we want to ensure it’s available in whichever format you prefer. We’ll let you know its new release date as soon we have one.

And don’t worry–you won’t have to go a week without BattleTech! Taking Golden Century‘s place for release this Friday will be the e-book versions of Jenn Brozek’s Ghost Hour: Rogue Academy vol. 2  (pre-order link) as well as Grey Watch Protocol: The Highlander Covenant vol. 1 (pre-order link), two exciting new fiction entries. 

Pre-order Ghost Hour in e-pub.
Pre-order Grey Watch Protocol in Kindle e-pub.

(A Print-On-Demand version of Ghost Hour should also be available on or about Friday, June 26.)

Finally, we’re on track to release Recognition Guide: ilClan vol. 2 on Friday, July 3 as planned. The first volume was very well-received, and we can’t wait to show you more.