Tactical Operations: Advanced Rules
Price: $39.99 Print+PDF | $14.99 PDF

Take your warfare to a whole new level of excitement! Deploy under cover of exotic weather and severe planetary conditions. Surprise your enemy with your mastery of new battlefield tactics—from artillery to command-level comms to minefields! A daring commander can take advantage of any or all of these….if they’re brave enough to seize the moment!

Tactical Operations: Advanced Rules is the one-source reference for advanced rules that apply to on-world operations. It includes new movement and combat options.

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Tactical Operations: Advanced Units & Equipment
Price: $39.99 Print+PDF | $14.99 PDF

Take your warfare to a whole new level of excitement! Deploy new forces and surprise your enemy with cutting-edge, prototype technologies! A daring commander can take advantage of any or all of these….if they’re brave enough to seize the moment!

Tactical Operations: Advanced Units & Equipment is the one-source reference for advanced units types and advanced technologies. It includes an extensive Advanced Weapons and Equipment section, and the rules for playing and constructing advanced Support Vehicles and Mobile Structures.

Catalyst Web Store: https://store.catalystgamelabs.com/products/battletech-tactical-operations-advanced-units-equipement
DriveThruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/316505/BattleTech-Tactical-Operations-Advanced-Units–Equipment

(Note: Customers who previously purchased the PDF version of the prior Tactical Operations printing will not receive these volumes as a free upgrade. These products are being treated as new books, including tracking and implementation of errata.)

And, in case you missed it on your star charts, earlier this week we released a new PDF-only product and a new novella exploring one of the Word of Blake’s mysterious Hidden Five: Jardine!

Touring the Stars: Jardine
PDF only: $2.99

Once a world of vibrant forests and exotic wildlife, Jardine’s loss in the early Succession Wars nearly erased it entirely from the annals of history. Rediscovered on the eve of the Word of Blake Jihad, its centuries-long isolation revealed one of the greatest secrets in ComStar’s dark past: the Hidden Worlds! Scoured by its own Guardians, the birthworld of the Manei Domini now lies under the shroud of endless smoke, its ruins a mute testament to the legacy of its fallen masters.

Touring the Stars is a whistle-stop tour of the universe! Every system and planet where mankind treads in the BattleTech universe has a story, for those with the drive to explore it. Take a tour of the stars humanity now calls home, experience awesome new worlds, immerse yourself in the local civilization, and prepare to do battle in exotic locales.

Catalyst Web Store: https://store.catalystgamelabs.com/products/battletech-touring-the-stars-jardine
DriveThruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/315643/BattleTech-Touring-the-Stars-Jardine

The Hunt for Jardine: Forgotten Worlds, Part One
By Herbert A. Beas II
E-book: $1.99


Freelance explorer and treasure hunter Dr. Brooklyn Stevens has made her career finding lost artifacts from Inner Sphere history, but during the waning days of the FedCom Civil War, a job offered by the academic organization known as Interstellar Expeditions affords her the chance to pursue the find of a lifetime: a missing planet, one lost in the ravages of the brutal Succession Wars.

But the world of Jardine did not only die in fire—it was erased from stellar maps entirely, and Brooke’s employer wants to know why.

She must hunt down the only known link to this forgotten world: a dangerous predator native to Jardine, whose initial discoverer was silenced under mysterious circumstances. Someone wants this planet to remain buried—and they will go to any lengths to ensure that Brooke’s quest to uncover the truth of Jardine’s disappearance ends in tragedy.


(Note: Parts 2 and 3 of the “Forgotten Worlds” trilogy will be published later this year, and all three parts will eventually be collected in a print-on-demand volume.)