Our look inside the Wolf Empire following the battle for Terra is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to expand your roster with one of the iconic units fighting through that region.

We’ve also got a preview of that upcoming sourcebook, Empire Alone, and more to share today!

Wolf’s Dragoons Assault Star […]

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Take a journey to the far reaches of the Periphery with today’s new BattleTech release!

Operational Turning Points: Hanseatic Crusade
Price: $7.99, PDF

Tensions simmered between the Hanseatic League and the new Scorpion Empire for decades before the Hansa lit the spark that led to war. The Khan of Clan Goliath Scorpion knew a simple punitive […]

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In BattleTech, exploration often takes a backseat to warfare. After all, ours is a game of armored combat, often more concerned with conquering the known worlds of the Inner Sphere than discovering new ones. But in the coming months, exploration and expansion will be at the heart of the BattleTech products we deliver.

To […]

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Three new Turning Points are scheduled for release in March and April, leading up to the much-anticipated House Arano sourcebook. Mark your calendars for:

Operational Turning Points: Fronc Reaches – March 15
Turning Points: Tokasha – March 29
Turning Points: Vega (3039) – April 12
House Arano: The Aurigan Coalition – April […]

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