It’s time to celebrate as BattleTech marks 35 years of heavy metal mayhem in 2019!

We’re kicking off a year of celebration next Wednesday, January 23 to thank our longtime fans and set the stage for the future. Here’s a preview of what we’ve got in store—check back next Wednesday for full links to all […]

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The BattleTech Beginner Box and BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat boxed sets are set for their debut at GenCon, with a wide release to your favorite gaming store to follow soon. Here’s a first look at the miniatures and components of each box, as well as a reminder of what each contains.

Note that […]

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Production on the new box sets is underway, and they’re crammed full of so much new stuff that it didn’t all fit. To tide you over until their release, here are a bunch of the new Mechwarrior Cards and accompanying tokens for you to try out at your next game!

Get your free preview […]

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Box Set Previews

On May 18, 2018 By

It’s Friday night! How about some previews?

We’ve told you that the two new box sets, the BattleTech Beginner Box and BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat, will include punch-out ’Mechs and terrain.

Here’s what they’ll look like!

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It’s a big day, as we welcome Harebrained Schemes’ BattleTech – Game to the family. If you’re new to the franchise, we make the original tabletop experience which that game is based on. We’ve assembled a primer that’s required reading for all new MechWarriors — check it out!

Or go to the forums to […]

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Coming Releases Updated

On March 19, 2018 By

We’ve just made a major update and refresh to our Coming Releases page, including full details on the two upcoming box sets and much more!

Let us know what product you’re looking forward to the most, and discuss all the juicy details here.

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Passing of Victor Milan

On February 14, 2018 By

Author Victor Milan passed away Feb. 13 in Albuquerque, N.M. following a short battle with cancer, his friends and fellow writers confirmed. He was 63.

Milan is best remembered by BattleTech fans as the author of three novels featuring the Camacho’s Caballeros mercenary unit, “Close Quarters,” “Hearts of Chaos,” and “Black Dragon” as well […]

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Forum Restored

On January 25, 2018 By

Forum access has been restored! Let us know if you have any problems.

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Forum Errors

On January 23, 2018 By

Management is aware that the official Battletech forums are down. The problem had been escalated to our vendor and we do not currently have an ETA.

We will keep everyone informed as we receive information.

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Hi all!

The new BattleMech Manual is now available for purchase, and I thought I’d answer some of the questions arising in the wake of its release.

First: yes, this is the final edition of the book, not the Beta version. It’s PDF-only for now. Thanks to Ray “Adrian Gideon” Arrastia’s tireless work, there […]

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