We’ve got small restocks of several previously-released ForcePacks now available in the Catalyst Game Labs web store, along with a fistful of new items from Wave 2 of the BattleTech Clan Invasion Kickstarter.

Please note: the FINAL order date for LIKELY arrival before Christmas 2021 is December 13th. CGL has no control over FedEx or other third-party shippers, so please order early!

Clan Command Star (Wave 1 restock)
Clan Heavy Striker Star (Wave 1 restock)
IS Command Lance (Wave 1 restock)
IS Battle Lance (Wave 1 restock)
Clan Elemental Star (Wave 1 restock)
IS Support Lance (Wave 2 restock)
Clan Support Star (Wave 2 restock)

New Items:
Alpha Strike BattleMat: Alpine/Lunar
Map Pack: Deserts
Salvage Box: Clan Invasion
Salvage Box: Shilone
Lethal Heritage (Leather cover)
Lethal Heritage (Hardcover)
Blood Legacy (Leather cover)
Blood Legacy (Hardcover)
Lost Destiny (Leather cover)
Lost Destiny (Hardcover)

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