BattleMech Recognition Guide Vol. 1: Classics

Print + PDF: $34.99
PDF Only $14.99

The march of technology across BattleTech’s eras is relentless—but some war machines never die. As the ilClan era dawns, the most recognizable BattleMechs stand ready to carry your banner into the future, bristling with cutting-edge weapons and armor.

Recognition Guide, Vol. 1: […]

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If you’re looking for something to keep the family—or yourself!—occupied over the summer, we’ve got just the thing this week: a second volume of the much-loved BattleTech Activity Book!

Also in stock this week is the full range of BattleTech plushies, featuring some of our most lethally adorable ’Mechs. And the Gray Death Legion Heavy […]

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Bring some new forces to your battlefield with the three new ForcePacks available today from the Catalyst Game Labs web store: The Proliferation Cycle, the UrbanMech Lance, and the Snord’s Irregulars Assault Lance!

And, coming next Friday, July 7 in the Catalyst web store: plushies!! The plushy UrbanMech (Liao), Archer (Kell Hounds), Archer (Wolf’s Dragoons), Phoenix Hawk (Kurita), and Phoenix Hawk (21st Centauri Lancers) will be available […]

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We wanted to catch everyone up on some exciting recent BattleTech releases, including an amazing new box set, the latest edition of Shrapnel, and the thrilling conclusion to Craig Reed’s Elements of Treason trilogy, a full-length novel finally putting Clan Hell’s Horses front and center!

Also, we’re pleased to announce that three much anticipated new […]

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Two new faction t-shirts are now available in the Catalyst Game Labs store! Show your allegiance to the famed Hansen’s Roughriders mercenary unit or the Rasalhague Dominion.

Available in a variety of sizes for both men’s and women’s cut.

Stock: This is our first time offering faction t-shirts in this fashion. As such, we’ve been […]

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The arenas of Solaris VII have seen glory and defeat, honor and treachery, blood and money. Now it’s your turn to make a name for yourself on the Game World with the all-new BattleTech boxed set BattleTech: Essentials, available exclusively through Target stores and on

BattleTech: Essentials is available for pre-order […]

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The BattleTech: Mercenaries Kickstarter is heading into its final days, but there are more amazing stretch goals to unlock and exciting add-ons to check out. Be sure you don’t miss out!

Meanwhile, we’ve got a great new gaming aide available now, as well as some important information about upcoming livestreams.

CountersPack: Alpha […]

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As we’ve been beating the drums for several months proclaiming, the Mercenaries Kickstarter launches on March 23, live from AdeptiCon! We’ll be live streaming during the initial launch of the Kickstarter and throughout the entire show. We’ll have a calendar of the interviews, round-table discussions, and actual-play scenarios on the stream to share with you […]

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We have some news to share from several fronts, including the latest Mercenaries Kickstarter preview and new fiction for you!

Mercenaries Kickstarter Preview #6

We continue our in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the development of the miniatures for this Kickstarter. Preview 06 PDF is now available–for free as always–covering the Starslayer and the Galleon light tank!

Catalyst Game […]

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Today marks a momentous day, MechWarriors, as we celebrate the successful conclusion of the BattleMech Recognition Guide: ilClan series.

Since the release of the first volume back in June 2020, the “RecGuides” have become a much-anticipated and best-selling addition to the BattleTech line, updating Classic ‘Mechs and launching all-new designs while providing a steady […]

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