As we’ve been beating the drums for several months proclaiming, the Mercenaries Kickstarter launches on March 23, live from AdeptiCon! We’ll be live streaming during the initial launch of the Kickstarter and throughout the entire show. We’ll have a calendar of the interviews, round-table discussions, and actual-play scenarios on the stream to share with you in the near future.

New at the Show

Of course we’re bringing the entire current catalog of available BattleTech box sets, ForcePacks, books and maps–along with faction swag of metal dice, pins, patches and lapel pins. Additionally, we’ll have advance copies of the following items on sale as well; many of these are being flown in, and with the ongoing volatility of shipping, we cannot guarantee they will be there until we’re at the show. (Most of these items will be available through standard distribution by late Spring).

Proliferation Pack ($44.99)

In 2439 the Terran Hegemony unleashed the Mackie—the first BattleMech—setting off an arms race across the Inner Sphere. The Proliferation Cycle anthology tells the story of how all six Houses employed force of arms, infiltrations and espionage to field cutting-edge new ’Mechs of their own. The volume also includes the story of the first Clan OmniMech.

This companion ForcePack includes all seven original ’Mechs, which can be fielded on any game table using the rules from Interstellar Operations: Alternate Eras. No assembly required—includes seven MechWarrior pilot cards and seven Alpha Strike cards. Perfect for BattleTech and Alpha Strike action!

Bonus: Each ForcePack includes a code for a free digital copy of the Proliferation Cycle anthology!

(This ForcePack will be available via regular distribution this spring; it is not an exclusive.)

UrbanMech Lance ($29.99)

Loved and hated in equal measure, over the last four decades the UrbanMech has become the mascot of BattleTech. Recently, the UrbanMech has been turned into multiple plushies, appeared in a company box, and even a full-scale inflatable display!

This ForcePack brings a new pose of the original UM-R60 variant from the UrbanMech Salvage Box, along with three additional variants, including a brand-new ilClan Era design! No assembly required—includes four MechWarrior pilot cards and four Alpha Strike cards. Perfect for BattleTech and Alpha Strike action!

(This ForcePack will be available via regular distribution this spring; it is not an exclusive.)

Snord’s Irregulars Assault Lance ($29.99)

With a reputation for unorthodox tactics and a fetish for collecting lost artifacts and treasures, you never know what you’re gonna get when Snord’s Irregulars hit the field. Yet they always seem to scrape out of the tightest spots.

Unleash the Snord’s Irregulars Assault Lance! Included is the new Spartan and unique-to-the-Irregulars FrankenMech, a jumping Guillotine, and new variant of the Highlander—no assembly required—along with four MechWarrior pilot cards and four Alpha Strike cards. Perfect for BattleTech and Alpha Strike action!

(This ForcePack will be available via regular distribution this spring; it is not an exclusive.)

Recognition Guide, Vol. 1: Classics ($34.99)


The march of technology across BattleTech’s eras is relentless—but some war machines never die. As the ilClan era dawns, the most recognizable BattleMechs stand ready to carry your banner into the future, bristling with cutting-edge weapons and armor.

Recognition Guide, vol. 1: Classics collects some of the best-known Inner Sphere, Clan and ComStar BattleMechs, rebuilt with the latest technology to keep them competitive on modern battlefields. This volume is the companion to Recognition Guide, vol. 2: ilClan, and contains material originally published in the bestselling PDF-only BattleTech Recognition Guide: ilClan series.

Each machine is fully detailed with an illustration, in-universe development notes, battle histories, and notable pilots for each unit.

Two New Neoprene Mats ($39.99 each)

  • BattleMat: Alpha Strike: AeroBase #1
  • BattleMat: Alpha Strike: AeroBase #2

Each map is 34″ x 22″, the perfect “two-map” size for most games. The maps are high-resolution with great color quality, making them some of the most beautiful and durable BattleTech maps ever produced. The neoprene is also thin for ease of storage, and double-sided for versatility.

CountersPack: Alpha Strike ($24.99)

A perfect companion to both the Alpha Strike box set and the Commander’s Edition rulebook:

  • 3 heavy-stock reference sheets of the most commonly used game tables
  • 6 punchboards, including additional movement markers and trees from the Alpha Strike box, as well as all-new terrain such as rivers and roads, large game templates, and more.
  • A second complete set of the fifteen fold-up cardstock buildings from the Alpha Strike box


The pirate UrbanMech released as part of the Clan Invasion Kickstarter was a huge hit. So huge, in fact, we’ve unleashed a pile of reinforcements! Three new ’Mechs, with two faction schemes for each (including a House Liao Death Commando UrbanMech).

  • UrbanMech (House Liao): $34.99
  • Phoenix Hawk (House Kurita): $39.99
  • Phoenix Hawk (21st Centauri Lancers): $39.99
  • Archer (Kell Hounds): $44.99
  • Archer (Wolf’s Dragoons): $44.99
  • Atlas (House Davion): $49.99
  • Atlas (Eridani Light Horse): $49.99

Destiny-scale Marauder ($244.99)

There will be a limited number of these gorgeous, large-scale, resin figures available each day of the convention. Clean up and assembly is required.

These figures are a test product; their availability after Adepticon 2023 and outside of convention sales has not been determined.

Mercenaries Kickstarter Launch Parties

It is our pleasure to announce the first venues for the Catalyst Game Labs Kickstarter Launch Parties, to supplement our Kickstarter Launch at Adepticon on March 23-26, 2023. 

Northeast US: To Be Announced
Southeast US: Hangar 18 Hobbies, 112 Kilmayne Drive, Cary, NC 27511.
Northwest US: Zulu’s Board Game Cafe, 10234 Main St Bothell, Washington 98011.
Southwest US: To Be Announced
South Central US: To Be Announced
Canada: Ogre’s Den Gaming Club, # 23, 3220 5th Avenue NE, Calgary, AB Canada.
Germany: UniPlay e.V., Heckerdamm 210, 13627 Berlin, Germany.
Ireland: The Gathering, 43 Lower Gerald Griffin St, Limerick, V94 Y1F7, Ireland.  
UK: To Be Announced

Four additional venues in the Northeast United States, Southwest United States, South Central United States, and the United Kingdom have been selected, but are awaiting final confirmation from the venues before their official announcement. An additional update will follow as the remaining venues confirm. 

Additional information about the Launch Parties will be posted in our next update on Friday, March 10.

Coming Next Week: Phoenix Hawk Premium Miniature

Assemble your own Phoenix Hawk with the next in our series of premium multi-part plastic miniatures. Ubiquitous throughout the Inner Sphere, the Phoenix Hawk is a mobile medium ‘Mech that packs a punch! Check out the images below for just a few ideas of how to pose and paint yours.

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