Ever since I first picked up the Star League sourcebook over 20 years ago I’ve always wanted to explore this time period more fully. When I started working at FASA in the mid 90’s I was able to bring some of that dream to life when I wrote the Northwind Highlanders scenario pack, and was able to create a scenario that specifically dealt with the death of the Black Watch as Stefan Amaris ceased the throne of the Star League.

While the Star League sourcebook provided tons of juicy details on the Golden Age of Humanity, there simply was too much to cover in any real depth, not to mention a complete lack of rules for running campaigns during that time period.

I’ve had a lot of personal goals of things I wanted to see published for BattleTech and thanks to you guys and a pile of great freelancers over the years, I’ve been able to check most of my “pet projects” off the list. Historical: Libration of Terra is one of my top 5 remaining “pet projects” that I’ve wanted to see published for long, long years. To see that finally happening is just amazing…

…course, it’s been a good road leading here. This is something I’ve discussed many times, but thought it worth touching upon again. You can’t really tell the fall of the Star League until you tell the founding of it in the Reunification War, hence the publication of that Historical last year. But you can’t really tell that story and provide the usual rules for rolling up forces and running campaigns until you flesh out the Age of War, which we did with half of >Technical Readout: 3075 when that published several years ago. All of that was ground work leading up to the publication of Historical: Liberation of Terra Vol, I all these years later.

But even then, the Star League Era is so big and the stories so epic (hence why Liberation of Terra is two volumes), we felt it appropriate to also published Era Report: 2750 as well as Field Manual: SLDF (check out the Coming Releases page) during the time period between the first and second volumes of the Liberation of Terra publish, providing as much depth of play and Star League goodness as we could get away with.

Along with the “Era Star League Year”, we also wanted to add several new game aids to make your lives easier at the gaming table, so check out the Warfare Kit and Tactical Kits while you’re at it!

Have a great year playing out some of the greatest wars in BattleTech’s history!