The BattleTech Black Friday sale starts in just a few hours, at 12 a.m. Pacific Time / 3 a.m. Eastern!

We’ve got more items from Wave 2 of the BattleTech: Clan Invasion Kickstarter, more restocks of key ForcePacks, and even a handful of items from the Catalyst vault.

Don’t forget: the FINAL order date for LIKELY arrival before Christmas 2021 is December 13. CGL has no control over FedEx or other third-party shippers, so please order early!

BattleTech Tactical Companion App

As as a special post-Thanksgiving treat, we’re pleased to announce that the BattleTech Tactical Companion App is now available for download! With its formation tracker and smart sheets, you’ve never played BattleTech like this before!


Google Play Store:

Note: This app is Tablet Only – many phones browsers won’t see or find the app even with the links above.

We’ve put together some helpful videos on how to use the app – click here to watch. Thank you for your continued support!


In anticipation of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days, we have restocks of the following products. We’ll be releasing the stock in increments throughout the long weekend, so if an item you want is sold out, be sure to check back!

Beginner Box
A Game of Armored Combat boxed set
BattleTech: Clan Invasion boxed set
MapPack: Battle of Tukayyid
MapPack: Deserts
MechWarrior: Destiny
Alpha Strike: Succession Wars Cards
Alpha Strike: Clan Invasion Cards
BattleTech: Legends
BattleTech: Legends Limited Edition 
BattleMat: Tukayyid: Racice River Delta / Deployment Zone
BattleMat: Tukayyid: Holth Forest / Lake Losiije
BattleMat: Tukayyid: Robyn’s Crossing / Devil’s Bath
BattleMat: Tukayyid: Pozoristu Mountains / Kozice Valley
BattleMat: Strana Mechty
BattleMat: Alpha Strike: Alpine / Lunar
Initiative Deck
Battlefield Support Deck
PlushyTech: UrbanMech (Pirate)


Premium Record Sheets
MapPack: Alien Worlds
BattleMat: Aerospace
BattleMat BFM: Grasslands/Desert
Tactical Map Case 
IWM Resin DIY Fortress-Class DropShip
IWM Museum Scale: Timber Wolf Statue
IWM Museum Scale: Warhammer Statue
Clan Codex Dog Tag
MechWarrior Pilot Cards Pack #1
MechWarrior Pilot Cards Pack #2
Reinforcements: Clan Invasion box
Way of the Clans (Leather cover)
Way of the Clans (Hardcover)
Bloodname Premium Edition (Leather cover)
Bloodname Collector’s Edition (Hardcover)
Falcon Guard Premium Edition (Leather cover)
Falcon Guard Collector’s Edition (Hardcover)


Many of our popular ForcePacks will receive at least a small restock; most available stock is available now, but where possible we will add small additional batches through the long weekend.

Salvage Box: Clan Invasion
Salvage Box: Legendary
Salvage Box: Shilone
ForcePack: Clan Command Star
ForcePack: Inner Sphere Command Lance
ForcePack: Clan Heavy Striker Star
ForcePack: Inner Sphere Battle Lance
ForcePack: Clan Support Star
ForcePack: Inner Sphere Support Lance
ForcePack: Elemental Star
ForcePack: Legendary MechWarriors


ForcePack: ComStar: Command Level II
ForcePack: ComStar: Battle Level II
ForcePack: Clan Heavy Battle Star
ForcePack: Clan Striker Star
ForcePack: Clan Ad Hoc Star
ForcePack: Inner Sphere Heavy Lance
ForcePack: Inner Sphere Striker Lance
ForcePack: Inner Sphere Fire Lance
ForcePack: Inner Sphere Heavy Battle Lance


Clearing out the warehouse, we’ve discovered a few copies of several classic BattleTech sourcebooks:

Historical: Operation: Klondike
Historical: Reunification War
Historical: Liberation of Terra, Volume 1
Masters & Missions: StarCorps Dossiers
Jihad Secrets: Blake Documents
A Time of War LE GM Screen


Volcano HexPack Tiles – see listing for details on how to purchase!

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