The DropShips have landed, and the first items from Wave 2 of the massively successful BattleTech: Clan Invasion Kickstarter are live in the Catalyst web store.

This deluge of new BattleTech product includes the first three Wave 2 ForcePacks, with more ForcePacks becoming available in the store through the end of the year and beyond. Also available for the first time outside the Kickstarter is BattleTech Legends with standard and Limited Edition covers, and much more!

These items are available in our store thanks to the successful completion of Wave 2 shipping! Only a handful of backers are still awaiting fulfillment, and we’re working diligently to get their orders out to them. If you are a Kickstarter backer and believe there is an issue with your order, please contact

Now Available:

Clan Invasion Box Set – $49.99

Clan Invasion Box Set – Kickstarter Exclusive Edition – $49.99

Alpha Strike Cards: Clan Invasion – $19.99

Alpha Strike Cards: Succession Wars – $19.99

BattleTech Legends – standard edition – $49.99 (select “Standard” on product listing)

BattleTech Legends – limited edition – $69.99 (select “Limited Edition” on product listing)

BattleMat: Battle of Tukayyid (Smoke Jaguar / Landing Zone) – $29.99

BattleMat: Battle of Tukayyid (Ghost Bear / Nova Cat) – $29.99

BattleMat: Battle of Tukayyid (Jade Falcon / Steel Vipers) – $29.99

BattleMat: Battle of Tukayyid (Wolf / Diamond Shark) – $29.99

BattleMat: Grasslands / Tundra – $29.99 (select “Tundra” on product listing)

BattleMat: Strana Mechty / Circle of Equals – $29.99

ForcePack: Clan Heavy Star – $29.99 (select “Clan Heavy” on product listing)

ForcePack: Clan Elementals – $29.99 (select “Clan Elementals” on product listing)

ForcePack: Inner Sphere Direct Fire Lance – $24.99

ForcePack: Inner Sphere Urban Lance – $24.99

ForcePack: Legendary MechWarriors – $29.99

PlushyTech: Urbie – $29.99

Salvage Box: Legendary – $7.00

Salvage Box: UrbanMech – $7.00

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