Another amazing summer of BattleTech is winding down, but we’ve got plenty of news to share today, including two new fiction entries, a major restock of ForcePacks, and street dates for new products in September and October!

Jaguar’s Leap

A BattleTech novel by Reed Bishop
$6.99 E-pub / Print-on-Demand via Amazon – Coming Soon!


It was supposed to be just another exercise—a Star of light ’Mechs against one assault ’Mech. Jackson is a ristar cadet in Clan Smoke Jaguar, renowned—and envied—for never losing a battle. The five cadets beneath him in the rankings plan to hand him his first defeat. But the training goes terribly wrong, and before the day is over, there are winners and losers—and one cadet will not survive the day.

That training exercise sets in motion a chain of actions that encompasses both events that occurred decades earlier, and those yet to come. Now a full MechWarrior, Star Captain Jackson searches for answers—both about his past, and what had happened that fateful day. But what he learns are secrets that threaten to upend his entire life—and make him reconsider what it means to be a Smoke Jaguar…

Print-on-Demand: Coming Soon!


A BattleTech Anthology by Lance Scarinci
$4.99 E-pub / Print-on-Demand via Amazon – Coming Soon!


During the chaos of the Word of Blake’s Jihad, the MechWarriors of the Federated Suns will go to any lengths to defend their nation from the Blakists’ unholy terror—including making deals with the devil. But that devil might just be a literal one: an all-black Marauder, hidden for several decades, that carries an aura of dread that infects everyone who encounters it. Many blame it for causing unexplained disappearances, technical failures, and even madness. But what is the so-called Dark One? Is it merely a ghost story told to scare pirates on the edge of the Periphery, or does something truly evil live beneath its cold, blackened armor?

This anthology collects the first three of Lance Scarinci’s stories about the Dark One, along with a brand-new fourth story exclusive to this volume.

Print-on-Demand: Coming Soon!


We’re pleased to announce a major ForcePacks restock—the third printing of these products, for any MechWarriors keeping count! They’re available on the Catalyst Game Labs web store and through retail distribution. With the arrival of this ForcePacks reprint into the warehouse, Catalyst has printed and placed in the market over 600,000 ForcePacks in the last 36 months!

  • Inner Sphere Command Lance
  • Inner Sphere Battle Lance
  • Inner Sphere Heavy Battle Lance
  • Inner Sphere Urban Lance
  • Inner Sphere Support Lance
  • Legendary MechWarriors Pack
  • Clan Fire Star
  • Clan Heavy Battle Star
  • Clan Support Star
  • Clan Heavy Star
  • Clan Fire Star
  • Clan Command Star
  • Inner Sphere Direct Fire Lance
  • Inner Sphere Heavy Lance
  • Inner Sphere Striker Lance
  • Inner Sphere Fire Lance
  • Clan Heavy Striker Star
  • Clan Striker Star
  • Clan Ad Hoc Star
  • Elemental Star
  • ComStar Command Level II
  • ComStar Battle Level II   

Street Dates

We know you’ve been waiting, so here are the street dates for two much-anticipated new products:

Beginner Box – new edition (Vindicator cover): in the Catalyst web store on Friday, September 16; available in retail stores on Wednesday, September 21.

Technical Readout: Dark Age: in the Catalyst web store on Friday, October 14; available in retail stores on Wednesday, October 19.

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