Twenty-five Galaxies from seven Clans. Twelve armies of elite Com Guards. Twenty-one days of bloodshed to determine the future of humanity.

The Battle of Tukayyid represented the climax of the Clan Invasion, and we’ve finally given this massive campaign the epic treatment it deserves. Available today is the full-color, hardcover Battle of Tukayyid campaign book in digital PDF and print formats, as well as the PDF-only Battle of Tukayyid Supplemental, which offers critical battlefield support for your Tukayyid campaigns.

If that’s not enough Tukayyid for you, we also have new fiction available today; Part Six of our series explores an untold story from the Jade Falcon campaign.

A note about the availability of the print version of Battle of Tukayyid: at this time, print copies of the Battle of Tukayyid sourcebook are currently available only on the CGL web store as an early release. We expect to release print copies to regular distribution, including international retailers, soon.

It’s been a year unlike any other for BattleTech, and we’re proud to give the Clan Invasion campaign the conclusion it deserves with these products. For more information and to see the entire range of Tukayyid products, be sure to visit

Battle of Tukayyid
Print and PDF Combo: $39.99
PDF Only: $14.99

On 1 May 3052, over twenty Galaxies from seven Clans clashed with twelve Armies of ComStar’s Com Guards. For twenty-one days, one of the largest campaigns in BattleMech warfare unfolded to decide the fate of the Inner Sphere.

The Battle of Tukayyid brings players back to this gargantuan conflict, allowing them to relive one of BattleTech’s most pivotal moments. It builds off of the Chaos Campaign: Succession Wars framework to unleash a massive experience players will enjoy across dozens of games. Each of the seven campaigns within includes the following: a short fiction entry and write-up of the battle, including a map of the regions; the specific Combatants involved, along with insignia; and details to allow players to play out each campaign on their tabletop. Finally, a technical readout section showcases ’Mech variants that first appeared during this conflict.

This Chaos Campaign puts you as the hero—Aidan Pryde, Anastatius Focht, and others—of the battle. Do you have what it takes to lead the Smoke Jaguars to victory, or will you repeat the failure of the Diamond Sharks? Or can you find a way to defeat the indomitable Clan Wolf? You will decide.

For use with the BattleTech: Clan Invasion box set and MapPack: Battle of Tukayyid; compatible with Total Warfare and Alpha Strike.

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Battle of Tukayyid Supplemental
PDF Only: $9.99

Expand your options!

The Battle of Tukayyid campaign book brings the pivotal conflict of the Clan Invasion to life in stunning grandeur. But the Tukayyid experience is too exciting to be contained in a single volume, and this Supplemental expands upon the options within that book.

Two sections dig further into BattleTech lore, allowing players to use the full range of mapsheets and record sheets published to date, while a Battlefield Support: Combined Arms Worksheet makes those rules easier to use.

Additionally, over two hundred record sheets cover every ’Mech included in the Battle of Tukayyid campaign book. Finally, a Strategic BattleForce expansion includes the rules, maps, and Formation Record Sheets to use the rules in Interstellar Operations to play out the Battle of Tukayyid with large-scale games.

NOTE: The seven large-scale maps are included in a .zip file so players can print them out for their own use. Additionally, the .zip file includes form-fillable Formation Record Sheets for ComStar and Clan players to create their own sheets.

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The Lions of Prezno: A Battle of Tukayyid Story, Part Six
By Bryan Young
E-book: $1.99

Jade Falcon Star Colonel Rard Hoyt’s warriors are attacked from all sides, but something about these hit-and-run assaults does not add up.

The Battle of Tukayyid Experience brings players back to this gargantuan campaign, allowing them to relive one of BattleTech’s most pivotal conflicts. Settle in for a new chapter each week, leading up to the release of the Battle of Tukayyid sourcebook, all-new miniatures, and more fiction!

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