BattleMech Recognition Guide: IlClan Vol. 26

PDF: $3.99

The march of technology across BattleTech’s eras is relentless—but some war machines never die. This PDF-only series includes brand-new BattleMechs and OmniMechs, alongside Classic ’Mechs and combat vehicles from both the Inner Sphere and the Clans rebuilt with the latest technology to keep them competitive on modern battlefields. This series also includes in-universe development notes, battle histories, notable pilots, and record sheets for each unit.

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News and New Product Updates

Alpha Strike Box Set Release

After discussions with our warehouse and distribution partners–based upon the incredible demand shown for the Alpha Strike boxed set–we are taking an unusual step. The Alpha Strike boxed set has been set to “release upon receipt”; the box is on track to hit our warehouse on the week of November 15th. This means it will immediately start shipping out to any stores that have ordered it, with most domestic orders starting to reach shelves during the first week of December. The Alpha Strike boxed set will be available for sale on the Catalyst Game Labs web store on Friday, November 25.

Pax Unplugged (December 2-4)

Additionally, Catalyst Game Labs is attending Pax Unplugged this year in force. There will be stacks of the Alpha Strike box available at the show. Stop on by for a demo, talk with us, and grab your copy!

Dominions Divided

Dominions Divided is on track to be received by our warehouse in the next few weeks, and will have a street date in January.