Some exciting new releases are available today – let’s get to it, MechWarriors!

Hammerhead Premium Miniature

Price: $14.99


It’s time to come together for one of our own. One of the owner/operators of Iron Wind Metals, a BattleTech licensed product line since the FASA days, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. To assist her family, we are dedicating all profit from this month’s Premium BattleMech Miniature to her health care expenses.

The Hammerhead is 45-ton, ilClan era design by Clan Sea Fox, provided to all Clans and Inner Sphere factions in a tariff-free offering. Now, add it to your own TO&E!

This premium variant uses new modeling techniques being employed to update all BattleMech designs. It comes unassembled and unpainted, with posable arms in ball-and-joint sockets. Sea Fox engineers are assuring all buyers that the shoulder sockets will accommodate the arms of future premiums in the same weight class for the ultimate kit-bashing experience.

Warrior Trilogy – Hardcover and Leatherback Cover

Hardcover + E-book: $14.99 per volume
Leatherback + E-book: $24.99 per volume

Warrior: En Garde


‘Mechs at the ready!

Betrayed by his own House and stripped of his rank, exiled MechWarrior Justin Allard is given one last chance to save his honor—by risking his life in the gladiatorial arenas of Solaris VII.

But his newest Game World opponent—more skilled at ‘Mech-to-‘Mech combat than any other rival—raises the stakes even higher. It’s Philip Capet, former star MechWarrior in the Davion military—until he was kicked out by none other than Justin Allard before his own unfortunate fall from grace.

Both Justin and Philip face fierce battles, but in the Inner Sphere, where nobles have schemed for centuries to win the ultimate power, those who interfere with the Successor Lords are sometimes called heroes.

And sometimes called victims…

Note: This purchase allows the buyer to download the ebook or Kindle (.mobi) edition of this story.

Warrior: Riposte


The gauntlet is thrown…

Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner have united two Great Houses of the Inner Sphere in a marriage that upsets the balance of power among the stars. Though some hope this may bring an end to centuries of war, Maximilian Liao of the Capellan Confederation has enlisted the aid of two highly placed Davion traitors to destroy Hanse Davion and the Federated Suns from both within and without.But in the distant star chambers of the Capellan March and Draconis Combine, the warlords of Maximilian Liao are honoring a different and more deadly vow: to wage an unholy war that threatens to rip apart the vulnerable worlds of the Federated Suns.

As Davion ‘Mech commander Andrew Redburn and his mercenaries streak into battle, an explosive clash of metal and men signals the return of a formidable foe. Interstellar legend Yorinaga Kurita has returned to stake his claim as the most bloodthirsty warrior of all.

For both men, it is do-or-die combat that could ensure the triumph of a glorious new alliance—or result in total annihilation

Note: This purchase allows the buyer to download the ebook or Kindle (.mobi) edition of this story.

Warrior: Coupe


The final engagement…

The minions of Maximilian Liao are about to deliver a crippling blow to the forces of Prince Hanse Davion—discovering a way to use Hanse’s own technology against him.

Half a galaxy away, assassins stalk Hanse’s wife, Melissa Steiner, and her mother, Archon Katrina Steiner, in the passageways of their own palace. Invasion is imminent. The only ‘Mech force capable of stopping that invasion—the Kell Hounds mercenary unit—is trapped in a game of search and destroy with the most fearsome Kurita unit ever created. Even if they come back in time…how many would make it?

In a world where ten-meter-tall war machines are the soul of battle, assassins are state policy, and a spy’s loyalty is always for sale, the only thing certain is death. Who can you trust? And in the bitter end, how will you be betrayed?

Note: This purchase allows the buyer to download the ebook or Kindle (.mobi) edition of this story.

Coming Soon!

A Question of Survival
A BattleTech novel by Bryan Young

As the last Bloodnamed Warrior left in the former Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, newly-elected Khan Jiyi Chistu has ’Mechs, but no MechWarriors—making it impossible to rebuild his Clan. Meanwhile, Star Colonel Emilio Hall’s Ghost Bears have a planet full of talented sibkos ready to graduate. When word of these sibkos reaches Khan Chistu, he races in to take them, eager to rebuild the Jade Falcons. But with Star Colonel Emilio caught up in the politics of the Ghost Bear vote to join the Star League, will he even see Jiyi coming? Or will he lose the sibkos that represent the very finest future of his Clan? For both men, these dilemmas become nothing less than A Question of Survival…

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