A DropShip load of exciting new BattleTech products is heading your way—check out this preview of what’s entering orbit, and then come back on Monday, March 18 at 11 a.m. EST for a new post with links to the new products live in the Catalyst Game Labs store.

  • The first all-new map set in nearly twenty years, Map Set: Grasslands ($29.99) will be available in the Catalyst Game Labs store, with a street date of April 17 to retail outlets. The perfect expansion to either the Beginner Box or BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat boxed set, these six two-sided paper maps include 12 battlefields of the same high-quality, modern art of those box sets, offering new tactical challenges and opportunities.
  • The next all-new, 35th Anniversary celebratory item will be four all-new BattleMats (29.99 each), available exclusively in the Catalyst Game Labs store. These double-sided high-quality neoprene maps are durable and highly detailed, and will make an eye-catching addition to your gaming table. They’re only available exclusively through the Catalyst online store, and they’ll go fast! A future release of these products to retail outlets is possible depending on customer response. The mats available include:
    • Grassland & Lunar
    • Grassland & Desert
    • Grassland & Alpine
    • Grassland & Savannah
  • Another commemorative product will be available: lapel pins! Wear your BattleTech love proudly with these enamel pins bearing the 35th Anniversary logo and Warhammer.
  • The first volume in the long-awaited trilogy of Kell Hounds short stories by legendary BattleTech author Michael Stackpole, Not the Way the Smart Money Bets ($3.99) will be available in ebook format. The next two volumes will be close behind: A Tiny Spot of Rebellion ($3.99) will be available this Friday, March 22, while A Clever Bit of Fiction ($3.99) will follow on Wednesday, March 27. Please note that these are all digital e-book format; future print format availability has not been determined.
  • The BattleTech Beginner Box ($19.99) will be back in stock through the Catalyst store, and through distribution channels to your local game store. The first print run sold out very quickly, and demand remains high for this outstanding introduction to our game of heavy metal mayhem!
  • The first installment in the second wave of Winter 2019 PDF products will be available: Operational Turning Points: Fronc Reaches. Recreate a young nation’s desperate struggle for survival with this scenario pack for the Chaos Campaign system.
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