Craig Gulledge, the executive officer of the Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team and a longtime, beloved presence in the BattleTech community, died suddenly on Thursday, March 17. He was 53.

Craig was a visible and enthusiastic presence in BattleTech circles, especially at the Demo Team tables during large conventions including Origins and Gen Con.

“Craig was an amazing team member and great friend,” said Mary Kaempen, Demo Team Manager. “He served many roles in our Battletech community but I knew him best in his role as Battletech XO for the demo team. As the XO he always had my back and I’ll remember him most for his help at the big shows. He was always happy to help with even the unglamourous tasks and those are often the things at shows that make the most difference in the experience–like making sure everyone had plenty of water to drink and remembered to eat at least something each day that was real food. He was always a central part of the party after the events ended each day and was great at listening to both the fun and light stories but also the heavy stories people told there. He was a true friend and he will be greatly missed.”

In addition to his role with the Demo Team, Craig participated in Highland Games and was active in several other communities. He was a moderator of the official BattleTech forums as well.

“Craig Gulledge was a fixture of the BattleTech community,” said Ray Arrastia, BattleTech Line Developer. “He was physically a huge figure, you couldn’t miss him. Anyone that spent more than a few minutes with him discovered his imposing frame housed a huge heart and a keen intellect. Craig always had your back, and his dry wit was always on point and a distraction from the day to day grind. I’m still reeling from this news. My heart goes out to his family and friends, and to the many, many people who’s lives he touched. He will be deeply missed. Deeply missed.”

At the time of his passing, Craig had completed writing work on his first BattleTech project, Spotlight On: Manyfold Paths (394th Division), which was slated for release this month. With heavy hearts, we’re making that product available today in Craig’s memory. Special thanks to Josh Perian, Chris Marti, and David A. Kerber for getting this product ready for publication.

Please note: a percentage of all profits will be donated to Craig’s family to help with his final expenses.

Spotlight On: Manyfold Paths

E-publication: $3.99

Few Com Guards commands claim a more storied history than the Manyfold Paths. History remembers them fighting the Jade Falcons to great effect on Tukayyid and elsewhere. They also took the fight to the Word of Blake in the Chaos March. Later, they fought in the Great Refusal before the formation met its final end on Terra during Case White. Today the Manyfold Paths legacy continues in both spirit and will in the White Lions mercenary company, commanded by Seth Nicholson, a direct descendant of one of Manyfold Paths’ commanders. The White Lions made a name for themselves fighting Malvina Hazen’s Jade Falcons.

Spotlight On: Manyfold Paths includes a Unit History, Personalities, Personnel Rosters, Mission Tracks, and data for use with all scales of BattleTech play.

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