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But we know what you’re really here for…

Stormcrow TC Premium Plastic Miniature

Price: $24.99

First seen during the battle of Tukayyid, the -TC Stormcrow offered the Clans a configuration unique to this legendary battle.

This premium variant uses new modeling techniques being employed to update all BattleMech designs. It comes unassembled and unpainted – and includes optional parts (4 arms), allowing you to decide between the -TC and the -B variants of the Stormcrow!

Supply is very limited, so orders are currently restricted to one model per person.

NOTE: This premium item is the second (of two) created as a test run to gauge the level of interest in the market for premium figures. Due to the success of the first miniature we have asked the supplier to make every effort to stock this item in more quickly and in sufficient quantity. They are already working on how to increase their production. Thank you for your patience!

Catalyst Game Labs Web Store:

Battle of Tukayyid Salvage Bags

Assemble Your Forces!

Production lines are far from perfect, even in the 31st century. Which is how Battle Salvage, Inc., a junior division of Kai Allard Enterprises, acquired a contract with workshops producing both the Black Knight Clanbuster and Stormcrow-TC to sweep up the cast-off pieces and parts for the first battlefield salvage kit. (Unconfirmed reports claim there may be salvaged items from other Mechs, specifically the UrbanMech and Crusader.)

*This package contains miscasts, imperfect parts, and other remnants. Modify your existing TO&E, build something completely new from scratch, or just litter the landscape with a graveyard of previous battles. Each bag comes unassembled and unpainted – and includes a random assortment of approximately 10 pieces which may include torsos, arms, legs, hands and heads.

Note: This product will be listed on an as-available basis, and relies specifically on workshop parts that failed QC inspection.

Catalyst Game Labs store:

BattleTech Vinyl Stickers

Stick it to your forces! Or anywhere else you’d like!

Expanding our list of BattleTech swag, Catalyst Game Labs has produced a run of vinyl stickers great for decorating out your miniatures cases, laptops, phone covers, and other high-visibility spaces.

There are two separate products: the House Logo Sheet and the Clan Logo Sheet. Each House or Clan logo is approximately 1.5″ in diameter (or its longest axis). The House Logo Sheet also includes the classic Atlas BattleMech head. The Clan Logo Sheet includes a Clan daggerstar in place of a fifth Clan logo, a “BattleTech” word logo, and a bonus 2″ MadCat. (Clan logos, not being round, gave up room for an extra bonus item).

These are printed on thick, scratch-resistant vinyl, designed to withstand exposure to sun, rain and snow, and are also considered “dishwasher safe.” (CGL has not independently and fully tested all these claims! Stick them to your snowmobile and run it through a dishwasher at your own risk!)

1.5-inch stickers (choose Clan or House):
3-inch stickers (choose Clan or House):

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