BattleTech Adventures: Ghosts of Obeedah

Price: $1.99

Echoes of the Word

It’s 3152. Clan Wolf has taken Terra, and many of the Great Houses are in turmoil. As the Republic of the Sphere collapses once and for all, the fallout even affects those who lurk in the shadows. On an otherwise insignificant planet, […]

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Bring some new forces to your battlefield with the three new ForcePacks available today from the Catalyst Game Labs web store: The Proliferation Cycle, the UrbanMech Lance, and the Snord’s Irregulars Assault Lance!

And, coming next Friday, July 7 in the Catalyst web store: plushies!! The plushy UrbanMech (Liao), Archer (Kell Hounds), Archer (Wolf’s Dragoons), Phoenix Hawk (Kurita), and Phoenix Hawk (21st Centauri Lancers) will be available […]

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As the calendar turns to 2023, and we prepare another exciting year of BattleTech for customers and fans, we thought it appropriate to pause, and look back at the unbelievable success of the line over the past few years.

January 2023 will mark four years since the release of the A Game of Armored Combat […]

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Recently, production quality issues accidentally slipped into the release of the Hammerhead. As a result, approximately one-quarter of the initial run of the miniature have too-thick layer lines from a draft 3D printed top of the torso.

After Catalyst acquired enough data to verify there were significant issues, the miniature’s producer, Monster Fight […]

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