Meet one of the Scorpion Empire’s deadliest units, the Hellion Keshik, in the newest installment of our hit PDF-only series, Spotlight On!

We’ve also got news to share today, including a Tamar Rising AMA happening TOMORROW, Saturday, Feb. 5 at 3 p.m. ET (GMT -5), and new free downloads!

Spotlight On: Hellion Keshik
Price: $3.99, PDF


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Long Live the Pact! The first ilClan era sourcebook, Tamar Rising, is now available in hardcover, full-color print+PDF format, and in PDF only format.

We know you’ll have questions after checking out this exciting new book, so get ready to take a deeper dive into the Hinterlands with the creative team behind it! We’ve scheduled […]

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Specifics changed, details shifted, but the final result of The ilClan sourcebook was known from the start: an ilClan would rise. The book’s title wasn’t a fake-out or an ironic gag. The Dark Age era would indeed end with one Clan in possession of Terra, having achieved the purpose of Clan society.

Less clear was: […]

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By Jason Schmetzer

Once upon a time, I went to Seattle.

This was a couple years ago. Probably pre-covid but honestly, who can remember what life was like pre-covid. I’d been called out along with several other BattleTech writers and developers to do an intensive, 2-day story summit for BattleTech. I’m going to do the […]

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Touring the Stars: Kandersteg, a lead-in to the upcoming ilClan era sourcebook Tamar Rising, is now available!

As a reminder, Tamar Rising is on track for release on Wednesday, Jan. 19 in print and PDF formats.

Touring the Stars: Kandersteg

PDF only: $2.99

Once a sleepy Lyran backwater noted primarily for its interesting local […]

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We’ve got some news on upcoming releases to share with you today!

First, some less than ideal news: BattleMech Recognition Guide: ilClan, Vol. 23, initially scheduled for release this Friday, December 17, will instead release on Friday, December 24 alongside Vol. 24. We apologize for the delay caused by production issues, but assure you that […]

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***Attention MechWarriors – Spoilers for Hour of the Wolf Ahead!***

Terra fell, and from the ashes of the Republic, an ilClan rose. The explosive events of Hour of the Wolf redefined the BattleTech universe, and set the stage for a whole new era of storytelling.

But one of the keys to this universe we all […]

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