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The following BattleTech books and game aids are on the upcoming schedule. If it is an e-book only release, it is noted in brackets. As covers become available, they’re added to this page.

When details concerning street dates and reviews are available, those will be posted to the front page. In no particular release order:

Shadows of Faith, by Loren L. Coleman (Novel)
Despite internal power struggles, the techno-disciples of the Word of Blake continue their relentless march to bring the worlds surrounding Terra under their control. Each planet that falls under their influence brings them one step closer to full dominion over the birthplace of the Inner Sphere.

Meanwhile, during the uneasy peace after the Second Civil War, Victor Davion and his allies struggle to bring another Star League conference together to confirm the next League. But with two Great Houses rebuilding after the fight, and a third nowhere to be found, his fears that the summit may fall apart seem to be coming true. This also dismays the Word of Blake representatives, who attempt to force the remaining leaders back to the table—and allow them to keep working in secret—by any means necessary.

And on Outreach, Wolf’s Dragoons, reeling from the loss of their founder, launch a blood-soaked mission of vengeance against the Blakists. But as they scream toward Mars to deliver retribution against those responsible for their leader’s death, the secretive and enigmatic “Master” of the Word of Blake executes the next phase of his own plan to bring the Inner Sphere under his control—culminating in a devastating strike at its very heart…

Combat Manual: Steiner
Among the interstellar realms of the Inner Sphere, the Lyran Commonwealth is the undisputed economic powerhouse. Though other nations may conquer in the name of glory, honor, or freedom, House Steiner wages war in the name of prosperity, delivered with the crushing might of a hammer blow.

The Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces rank among the best-equipped military in the Inner Sphere. Capable of forming a stalwart defense and bludgeoning offense, House Steiner fields the best BattleMechs money can buy. Are you up to the challenge of helping the Commonwealth prosper? Will you witness House Steiner wade into the black, or will the ledgers run red with blood?

BattleTech Combat Manual: Steiner contains information on the LCAF. This manual takes a look at some of the most renowned Lyran regiments, detailing their histories, tactics, unit crests, paint schemes, and notable personnel. This Alpha Strike expansion includes special rules for unique character abilities, faction-specific rules, force-building, and a mini Technical Readout—everything you need to field your favorite Steiner command on the tabletop.

Case White, by Victor Milan (Novel)
In the early days of 3068, very little certainty exists in the Inner Sphere, and what little there is often comes in dread tidings. The Star League is dead—the great hope for peace after the Federated Commonwealth Civil War has failed. The cooperation among Houses that stopped the Clan Invasion is no more. And while that news alone would be enough to darken the new year, conflict has already broken out on a scale unseen for decades. Legends are falling. Worlds are being torn apart. And the whole of the Inner Sphere is poised on the edge of a conflict that may sunder it completely.

Sixteen years ago. the Com Guard stood against the might of the combined Clans on a quiet little world called Tukayyid. Today, their mighty armada returns to the cradle of mankind to reclaim their ancestral home from the Word of Blake, which captured it a decade earlier. Today, they will enact Case White: an overwhelming assault to free Terra itself. For the Com Guard, sixteen years of tolerating the Word of Blake’s zealotry has finally come to an end. With the Star League disbanded, it falls again to the Com Guard to bring peace to the Inner Sphere.

Secure in their powerful fleet, the Com Guard believes the battle will be brutal and swift, and that victory will be theirs. But the Word of Blake has prepared for years against such an invasion, and little do the Guards know that they are heading straight into a deadly trap…

Combat Manual: Davion
Amid a galaxy embroiled in war, House Davion upholds the ideals of liberty as a torch to light the way toward the future. Soldiers of the Federated Suns fight to maintain their own freedoms and to bring those freedoms to others at the point of a sword.

The Armed Forces of the Federated Suns boasts one of the largest and best-trained militaries in the Inner Sphere, and the constant research into innovative technologies gives them a critical edge on the battlefield. But training and technology will not be enough to stem the tide of oppression and injustice. Are you brave enough to take up the First Prince charge and lead men into battle against the darkness?

BattleTech Combat Manual: Davion contains information on the military of the Federated Suns. This manual takes a look at some of the most renowned AFFS regiments, detailing their histories, tactics, unit crests, paint schemes, and notable personnel. This Alpha Strike expansion includes special rules for unique character abilities, faction-specific rules, force-building, and a mini Technical Readout—everything you need to field your favorite Davion command on the tabletop.

Experimental Technical Readout: Succession Wars II (E-Publication)
After the fall of the first Star League and the exodus of the SLDF, the five Great Houses of the Inner Sphere unleashed their armies against one another with a vengeance, each claiming to be the rightful heirs to the Cameron legacy and the First Lordship of the Inner Sphere. Their scorched earth tactics left entire worlds barren, and destroyed many of the precious technologies taken for granted during the golden days of the Star League’s peak. As the years stretched into centuries, their great navies evaporated, and even their mighty BattleMech armies shrank and regressed as their advanced weapons and equipment failed and were forgotten.

Yet even as the Inner Sphere slid toward scavenger tech, the various powers of the Inner Sphere struggled to hone their edge with whatever remained, hoping to turn the tide of the endless Succession Wars with some new innovation their enemies might not have considered.

Record Sheets: Prototypes Unabridged (E-Publication)
You’ve grasped the tactics involved with the additional units and weapons from Tactical Operations to defeat your opponents. Now you own Technical Readout: Prototypes and want to deploy some of those ’Mechs, vehicles, and battle armor on your gaming table. Grab your dice and start rolling, because these sheets are for you!

Record Sheets: Prototypes Unabridged offers players the record sheets for all BattleMechs detailed in Technical Readout: Prototypes.

Experimental Tech Readout: Succession Wars, Volume II samples some of the desperate technological experiments that the war-ravaged powers of the Inner Sphere tinkered with during the post-Star League Succession Wars period. Each design featured in this book demonstrates the combination of regressing post-Star League technology levels on the BattleMechs, combat vehicles, and aerospace units that followed. Statistics and Record Sheets are included for 14 BattleMechs, vehicles, aerospace units presented in this book, ready for play in advanced BattleTech games.

Kell Hounds Ascendant: Three Short Novels by Michael A. Stackpole (Novel)
While there are hundreds of mercenary units throughout the Inner Sphere, only a handful have risen to galaxy-wide fame. The Gray Death Legion. Wolf’s Dragoons. The Northwind Highlanders. And the Kell Hounds.

Founded by brothers Morgan and Patrick Kell, the Hounds’ beginning was fraught with tension, intrigue, and danger, which they’ve found ever since. And now Michael A. Stackpole takes us back to the beginning of one of Battletech’s most storied mercenary units in three short novels that tell of the Hounds’ first days, including:

Not the Way the Smart Money Bets”: Morgan and Patrick arrive on the mercenary staging world of Galatea to start building their unit. But getting caught between a local general and a criminal organizing gladiatorial games on-planet puts the brothers in a perilous situation, and Patrick is forced to face the local ’Mech hero in single combat—to the death.

A Tiny Spot of Rebellion”: Fresh off their victory over local criminals, the brothers Kell are faced with a growing religious rebellion led by a local bishop with a lofty goal of ruling the entire planet, and using the populace to achieve his aims. They’re assigned to put down the uprising, but can they find a way to do that without having to battle the civilians pressed into service as holy soldiers?

A Clever Bit of Fiction”: When Morgan is tasked with scouting locations for war games on the lush world of Zavijava, he figures he’ll mix business with pleasure. But when Prince Ian Davion tags along, the stakes are suddenly raised. And when unknown Dropships land a regiments of ’Mechs intent on looting the planet’s riches, Morgan must keep Ian alive long enough for them to be rescued. But Prince Davion has other plans—involving kicking the raiders straight off the planet…

Technical Readout: Golden Century (E-Publication)

While the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere gorged each other over the shattered remains of the Star League and slid into the technological dark age of the Succession Wars, the Clans of Kerensky entered into a golden era of prosperity. Bereft of Nicholas Kerensky’s leadership, the Clans pushed their technological capabilities to their limits, developing devastating new weapons and equipment, flooding the battlefields of the Pentagon and Kerensky Cluster with powerful war machines as they Trialed each other for supremacy.

Technical Readout: IrregularTech (E-Publication)

Fall of 3132. After decades of peace and prosperity, interstellar communications break down and rumor of war sweep through the Republic of the Sphere. As ancient hatreds and rivalries rear their ugly heads, people who have only known war through history books are suddenly thrust into the dark maelstrom of combat. Splinter factions arise, aligning themselves with fealties long thought forgotten, and stalk each other on Republic worlds like jackals. Often lacking military-grade equipment, these groups and defending militias would deploy SecurityMechs, Support Vehicles, or even modify civilian machinery in their desperate struggle to prevail.

Technical Readout: Irregular Tech unveils the weapons deployed during the chaos after Gray Monday when paramilitaries warred in the Republic’s outer Prefectures. Technical Readout: Irregular Tech debuts the production and custom machines used by the the splinter faction in 3132 and the following years. Statistics and Record Sheets are included for 25 new IndustrialMech MODs, Security- and MilitiaMechs, support vehicles, and battle armor units ready for play. In addition, an “Armed and Dangerous” section following Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex Revised’s footsteps showcases modifications of established IndustrialMechs and Support Vehicles.

The ilClan is a campaign-driven overview of the universe-spanning conflict that will see the fall of The Republic of the Sphere and the final conclusion of the Dark Age era. The founding of the ilClan heralds the start of a new age for the BattleTech universe—one that will forever transform the Inner Sphere and Clans alike!


New E-Publication Series Coming Soon!

Go beyond the battlefield and experience the events from the point of view of the heroes behind the banners. BattleTech Milestones will present players with riveting, story-driven events and the warriors and machines that fought their way through them. Experience the battles you’ve only seen briefly described in history books like never before!

Part adventure and part serial fiction, Milestones will put players on the front lines of key events in the Inner Sphere of the late Dark Age and beyond, allowing players to participate with Total Warfare, Alpha Strike, A Time of War or any combination—or simply enjoy the unfolding stories.

Need a specialty lance, Star, or Level I in a pinch, but want something with less randomness and more character? Introduce your players to the opposing force (OpFor) of your choice—small teams whose ’Mechs, pilots, and abilities set them apart from the rank and file. Perfect for adding depth to your pick-up games, or adding a recurring, character-driven team to your ongoing Total Warfare or Alpha Strike campaign!

Spotlight On
Take a closer look at some of the universe’s most unique and battle-tested forces. Spotlights will provide players with histories, logos, colors, force compositions and in-game rules for some of the Inner Sphere’s most storied battlefield commands, from the most daring pirates and mercenaries, to the elite companies and Trinaries that fight for House and Clan. For use with Total Warfare, Alpha Strike and Interstellar Operations.

Gladiator Gazette
Game Worlds like Solaris VII and Noisiel remind us that life is fleeting, but glory is forever! Each Gladiator’s Gazette gives players a peek at some of the best warriors, gear, and fields of honor in the Inner Sphere. Embrace the celebrity, heroism, and decadence that can only come when pageantry and prowess unite and compete for the hearts, minds, and money that only millions of adoring fans can provide!