Community Play

Welcome to the Community Play page for BattleTech! Here you will find ways to access the great community of BattleTech players and the Agents that run the games in Venues all over the world. Be sure to look through the Venue and Convention links to find one near you and join in the fun.

Rules specific to certain events are found below, but Agents may also be running events locally that have different scenarios, so be sure to contact the listed Agent to find out.

Agents are fans of BattleTech who volunteer to run events and share the game with others.
If you’re interested in becoming an Agent, please go to and click the Enlist! button at the top of the page.


Catalyst attends Origins, GenCon, and DragonCon each year, and we host competitive and casual play events at these conventions. We’re also looking at ways to expand our presence at other large conventions.
Players should pre-register for events as space is often limited. Details on several convention specific tournaments and events are given on their respective pages below. Be sure to visit the appropriate convention’s website to sign up early and not miss out on the action!


Convention Dates Place Our Events
30 May – 3 June Greater Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, Ohio
Event Schedule
16 August – 19 August Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
Event Schedule
31 August – 3 September Atlanta, Georgia Event Schedule



Catalyst runs several popular events and tournaments at the conventions mentioned above, and we have provided the rules we use for some of those events below. Use them either to prepare for an upcoming event, or to run your own. If you enjoy running events, you might want to consider joining the Catalyst Demo Team.
We are constantly looking for ways to improve the rules of our events to either make them more fun, fix errors, or to remove unfair advantages. Check back often for the most up to date rules.
We will not update the rules within 30 days prior to the first convention listed above.

Game Version Last Updated Download
BattleTech Open Tournament 3.0 20 June 2012 93 KB
Solaris Melee Challenge Tournament 2.47 05 June 2013 1,257 KB
Trial of Bloodright Tournament 1.11 20 June 2012 137 KB
The Prefect Score Tournament 1.0 20 July 2011 125 KB


World Wide Events

The Catalyst Demo Team hosts World Wide Events. During a specific set of time, Agents across the world will all host the same game, set in the BattleTech universe during one of its many pivotal events.
We plan to have a WWE for the first quarter of 2012 set in the Star League Era. Check back here for details!



The Catalyst Demo Team site is a great way to find both venues and events that are local to you. Check it out, and sign up as a player to make it even easier to find events near you.